Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca


Sep 29 2005

John Underhill, James Diggle and Robert Bittlestone

International project team announces discovery of location of Homer’s Ithaca:

  • Dramatic geological shifts hid solution to mystery of Odysseus’ island for 3,000 years
  • Peninsula in western Kefallinia believed to have been a separate island
  • Catastrophic earthquakes triggered massive landslides that joined islands together
What is potentially one of the most exciting classical discoveries for over 130 years was revealed in London today. At a conference held at the Foreign Press Association, Robert Bittlestone (Chairman of management consultancy Metapraxis Ltd), James Diggle (Professor of Greek and Latin at Cambridge University) and John Underhill (Professor of Stratigraphy at Edinburgh University) announced that they had found new and compelling evidence in support of the location of ancient Ithaca, the island described in great detail in Homer’s Odyssey.

Full text of Press announcement

Sep 29 2005 Channel 4 Special Report – Ancient Mystery (3min 40sec 10Mb MP4)