Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca


Oct 28 2005

Book Reviews page added to website

“Odysseus Unbound has made the final link between real location and Homeric description”…“Paliki-as-island is a sensational hypothesis”…“Bittlestone's argument romps home”…“the account of how he reached his conclusions is clear, engaging, funny, wonderfully illustrated”…“Bittlestone has had the benefit of expert advice from James Diggle, probably the greatest living Hellenist, and John Underhill, professor at the University of Edinburgh (well known to football fans: he referees for FIFA)”… “I've just finished reading Odysseus Unbound and I have to say that the experience was utterly enthralling from start to finish”…“A fascinating and compelling book"…“I can feel that Odysseus was a real person, and that some sort of journey took place. It was just so amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves Greece, Homer, or the Odyssey”… “If Robert Bittlestone is correct, this will be one of the most important archaeological discoveries since Schliemann’s uncovering of Troy in the late 19th century”… “Scholars will now have to think again about received wisdom on the Odyssey”…“Shines a light on the past and its scholarly achievement must be acknowledged”.


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