Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca


Jan 20 2006

Odysseus Unbound is a ForeWord 'Big Ten' Exceptional Book for 2005

Joint winner in The Living Past category of University Presses

America's 'ForeWord' magazine has announced the results of its 'Ten Exceptional Books from University Presses' awards for 2005: 'Odysseus Unbound' is joint winner in The Living Past category.
"Year 2005 has been impossibly rich in every sort of book, and Big Ten choices must seem ever more arbitrary. Intent remains unchanged: to note ten books of unusual interest and reward…The acid tests are two: will a selected book ease two days’ isolation in a lonely, snow-bound cabin? And would a book’s owner (at the risk of a ruptured friendship) say, “You’d love this—but I’m not about to lend it and lose it”?… The best books invariably open the mind to ideas and experiences beyond the expected: they expand the reader’s universe."
"Odysseus Unbound brings new analyses to an old problem: the seeming impossibility of pinpointing on Ithaca Homer’s many references to the much-changed island. Using the most advanced investigative techniques available to geologists and archaeologists, together with aerial photography and comprehensive literary research, the expert authorial trio posits, disproves, or proves hypotheses in order to “reconstruct” ancient Ithaca, allowing for convincing identification of Homer’s locations and sites, including that of Odysseus’s palace. The appositely quoted Odyssey forms the spine of the book, scientific findings its ribs, and vivid prose its sinews. The reader’s reward is truly thrilling detection supported by breathtaking illustration, yielding a revitalized epic whose prime location of Ithaca is made newly recognizable and powerfully evocative".

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