Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca


Mar 28 2006

Photograph by Yannos Lolos

'Palace of Ajax' found in Greece at Kanakia on island of Salamis

Greek archaeologists led by Professor Yannos Lolos say they have unearthed the remains of a 13th Century BC palace and city linked to the legendary warrior-king Ajax. In Homer’s classic tale the Iliad, the Achaean hero Ajax the Great fought duels with Hector in the Trojan War… The city, named 'Kychreia' on an epigraph found on the Athens Acropolis that dates from the first century BC, is mentioned by the ancient geographer Strabo.

Iliad 2.557: "And Aias led from Salamis twelve ships, and stationed them where the battalions of the Athenians stood"

Iliad 2.631: "Odysseus led the gallant Cephallenians, from Ithaca…together with twelve red-cheeked ships"

Image by NASA World WindPhotograph by Robert BittlestonePhotograph by Robert BittlestoneClick here for report: BBC.

Photograph by Robert BittlestonePhotograph by Robert BittlestonePhotograph by Robert BittlestoneSite photographs taken on April 12 2006: Click on them to enlarge