Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca


Aug 12 2006

Argostoli after the earrthquake, courtesy Gerasimos Galanos/Odusseia. Click to enlarge.

53rd anniversary of the 1953 earthquake on Cephalonia


From Odysseus Unbound, Chapter 1: "At 09:24 GMT on Wednesday August 12th 1953 something happens to Cephalonia that is both unthinkable and unendurable…On that day an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 pushes this mass upwards by about 60 centimetres within the space of a few seconds and with the force of 63 million tons of high explosive…The effect of the magnitude 7.2 earthquake is literally catastrophic: it is as if a thermonuclear bomb were to be modified so that instead of exploding at a single point, its energy is radiated evenly from the surface of a huge blanket lying underneath the island." Click here to read on.