Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca

News Archive 2006

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Nov 16 2006

Leading US classical scholars support Odysseus Unbound

Oct 9 2006

100m test borehole being drilled on Cephalonia

Sep 1 2006

Geoscientist magazine publishes new geological findings on Strabo's Channel

Aug 12 2006

53rd anniversary of the 1953 earthquake on Cephalonia

July 16 2006

Contract signed for Greek translation of Odysseus Unbound

May 16 2006

US East Coast Tour Triggers Major Interest in Odysseus Unbound Findings

Mar 28 2006

'Palace of Ajax' found in Greece at Kanakia on island of Salamis

Mar 22 2006

Smithsonian Magazine publishes article and photographs from Paliki in April edition

Mar 20 2006

History Channel broadcasts first film footage from Paliki

Mar 01 2006

Encyclopaedia sets out the case for Paliki as Homer’s Ithaca

Jan 20 2006

Odysseus Unbound is a ForeWord 'Big Ten' Exceptional Book for 2005