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Oct 15 2007

Fugro RESOLVE airborne electromagnetic survey system Fugro RESOLVE airborne electromagnetic survey system

International geoscientific teams converge on Kefalonia

A team of UK geological engineers from Fugro is now working on Kefalonia in conjunction with an Edinburgh PhD programme under the supervision of Professor John Underhill. hey are performing land-based seismic, gravity and resistivity tests of terrain mainly in the Thinia district that separates the Paliki peninsula from the rest of Kefalonia.

An Italian marine geoscientific team from Fugro has commenced a detailed submarine mapping of the bays to the north and south of the Thinia valley, using the latest high resolution sonar equipment.

Subject to the grant of aviation permits, it is anticipated that a Canadian Fugro team will subsequently perform a helicopter-based survey of the northern Paliki region, using the 'RESOLVE' advanced electromagnetic system shown in the photograph below.

The data from these surveys will be analysed in the months ahead with the aim of building a 3D visualisation of the geology of this area. It is anticipated that the results of this research will be published during 2008.

On Thursday October 18 at 19:00 a public briefing about the geological research programme will be delivered by Professor John Underhill and Robert Bittlestone in the Lixouri Theatre, at the invitation of the Mayor of Paliki.

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