Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca


June 18 2008

Aerial view of “Strabo’s Channel” (Thinia isthmus, Kefalonia). Much of the surface along the centre of the valley consists of loose rockfall and landslip material.

Successful first year’s Fugro sponsorship of the “Odysseus Unbound” project

  • Latest technology is used to investigate Europe’s earliest enigma
  • Land, sea and airborne methods accurately image sub-surface beneath key valley
  • Geological update to appear in September 2008 issue of Geoscientist magazine
  • Public lecture to be held at the Geological Society, London on October 2 2008

London and The Hague, June 18 2008. The results of the first year of sponsorship by Fugro of the Odysseus Unbound project are to be released in September 2008 and will be described in the September issue of Geoscientist, the monthly journal of the Geological Society of London. A carefully designed combination of land, sea and airborne techniques has provided a wealth of new data about ‘Strabo’s Channel’, the isthmus described 2,000 years ago by the great geographer as being “so low-lying that it is often submerged from sea to sea”.

Click here for the full text of this Research Update (PDF)