Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca


Oct 7 2010

New book from Odysseus Unbound author

A new book from Odysseus Unbound author Robert Bittlestone is to be published by Cambridge University Press on October 7 2010. Entitled Financial Management for Business: Cracking the Hidden Code, the book represents a breakthrough approach to business education, described by CUP as follows:

"Set against the gripping story of Luca Pacioli’s research into the ‘Hidden Code’ of bookkeeping that transformed medieval business and remains at the heart of every modern enterprise, the book presents an innovative step-by-step model that will transform your understanding of financial management. Key concepts such as profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheets are brought to life with Internet-based simulations that show how cash actually flows around the business. The book also helps to explain how decisions such as pricing and advertising affect the bottom line and why financial disasters happen, such as the 2008 international banking crisis."

Robert Bittlestone explains why he has written Financial Management for Business: Cracking the Hidden Code five years after the publication of Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer’s Ithaca:

"Business financial management represents my long-term career experience and in this book I hope to explain to students and practitioners world-wide why the work of Luca Pacioli, one of finance's earliest researchers, is of great value to us in today's business world. I should add that my interest in Homer’s Ithaca remains undiminished and I await with great interest the results of John Underhill's geological research project with Fugro, which has embarked on a major new phase in Kefalonia this autumn."

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There will be a book launch and Press reception in London on October 11. Journalists and others wishing to attend (subject to availability) should contact Anne Rouse.