Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca


Dec 4 2010

Coring for Ithaca: Geoscientist article describes drilling progress

Adler deWind reports from the Greek island of Kefalonia on progress towards proving - or disproving - the theory that the Paliki Peninsula was once separated from the main island and was the true geographical location of Homer’s Ithaca.

Despite a clear reference in Homer to “rocky Ithaca” being the westernmost, low-lying Ionian Island, controversy has long surrounded the location of Odysseus’s Homeland.

Three years after their initial support of the geoscientific investigation and work program into testing whether the western peninsula of Kefalonia (Paliki) could have been that free-standing island three millennia ago (Fig.1), geotechnical company Fugro are continuing their support of the project by drilling and coring boreholes in 15 locations.

If successful, the coring program has the potential to settle the centuries-old classical Greek dispute.

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