Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca


August 2012

Locating Ithaca: Continuing the Search for Odysseus’s Island Kingdom

The Leading Edge, published by The Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

During 2008-2011, the project sponsors Fugro carried out extensive geophysical research on the Thinia isthmus of Kefalonia to unveil the underlying geology of this tectonically active area as part of the search for Ancient Ithaca. This report describes the techniques used and the surprising findings uncovered by this multi-faceted research effort.

STEVE POULTER, Fugro Seacore Ltd.
JOHN R. UNDERHILL, University of Edinburgh
DAVE KILCOYNE, Fugro Aperio Ltd.
GREG HODGES, Fugro Airborne Ltd.

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