Odysseus Unbound - The Search for Homer’s Ithaca

Press Coverage 2005

Nov 2005

Project team announces discovery of location of Homer’s Ithaca

“Over the last three millennia land-mass uplift and catastrophic rockfalls due to periodic earthquakes have filled in this region, which is now an isthmus called Thinia. This is believed to have made the single island of Kefallinia out of the former islands of Ithaca and Same…The results of [Underhill's] recent investigation of the Holocene geomorphology of western Kefallinia are unexpected and thought-provoking. ”

Nov 30 2005

Mythic island found at last?

“NASA software can help curious observers track the progress of scientists and archaeologists attempting to unearth Homer’s Ithaca… It was previously never known whether the land Homer described ever actually existed… NASA's 'World Wind' technology allows enthusiasts to see for themselves on their own computers the geographical changes which may have caused the real Ithaca to be lost from view. ”

Nov 5 2005


A historical account of the Homeric epics and the search for Homer’s Ithaca (in Greek)

Nov 1 2005

Feature article in BBC History magazine: Finding Odysseus' Island Home

“The book makes the case that there is strong evidence for a channel once existing between Paliki and the rest of Cephalonia, that made Paliki an island. If we turn out to be right then we will have produced an elegant solution to the age-old problem of where Ithaca was and where Odysseus lived.”

Oct 25 2005

Interview on Athens International Radio 'Talk of the Town' with Alexia Amvrazi

What prompted the discovery and what will happen next?.

Listen to interview (6.8Mb MP3).

Oct 22 2005

Interview on London Greek Radio with Sophia Economides

How has the academic world reacted and what is the view in Athens?

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Oct 14 2005

Interview on Focus 580 with David Inge, Radio WILL NPR Chicago

National Public Radio in Chicago asks whether the Homeric puzzle is now solved

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Oct 12 2005

Interview with Nick Girdler, Radio Solent

BBC's local radio station for the south of England grapples with the Homeric enigma.

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Oct 06 2005

Interview with Martin Fletcher, Radio Jackie

South-west London's local radio station tunes into the Bronze Age

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Oct 03 2005

Financial Director, Accountancy Age and IT Week

Cover Story - Fantastic Voyage. A story told by the poet Homer created a mystery that has taken 3,000 years to solve. Completion of this puzzle could have far-reaching implications for business management.

Oct 03 2005

BBC Radio Ulster - Arts Extra - Interview

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Sep 29 2005

TV and radio coverage of today's announcement

Channel 4 Special Report – Ancient Mystery

By Julian Rush

“Now one of the great mysteries of the Ancient World may be a step closer to resolution. Was the city of Ithaca, home of Greek hero Odysseus, not a myth but a real place? A British businessman has used the latest technology developed by NASA to try to place the city in modern day Greece. As our science correspondent Julian Rush explains, he took as his guide the words used to describe the location of Ithaca by Homer, written more than 2,500 years ago.”

Click here to watch the Channel 4 News film (3min 40sec YouTube)

BBC Radio 4 Six O'Clock News

Listen to radio segment (1.8Mb MP3).

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

Listen to interview (1.5Mb MP3).

Sep 29 2005

Newspaper coverage of today's announcement

Sep 27 2005

Discovery of Homeric Ithaca

Athens' City Press newspaper reports today on the recent announcements by NASA of the contribution of their World Wind technology to this discovery.

Fall 2005


The Search for Homer’s Ithaca

A new and perhaps controversial book, Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer’s Ithaca, by Robert Bittlestone, James Diggle of Cambridge University, and John Underhill of Edinburgh University, concerns a modern quest to locate Odysseus’s homeland of Ithaca. It is due to be released in October, 2005. A series of international seminars with the author is also planned.

North Carolina Classical Association

Sep 14 2005

They "saw" the palace of Odysseus in Ithaki

With the help of the satellite technology of NASA, researchers believe they may have discovered Homeric Ithaki, the proposed locality of which they will announce on 29 September.

Ta Nea, Athens

Jun 29 2005

New tools set to solve ancient quest

Ben King describes in the Financial Times how Robert Bittlestone tackled this long-standing enigma by using cutting edge visualisation technology and how similar techniques may help to solve today's business problems.

Financial Times, London

Apr 15 2005

Metapraxis Chairman author of new book for Cambridge University Press

Visualisation techniques shed light on Ancient Greece: "I have always been delighted by Greece and the classics and it has been a privilege to learn from some eminent academics in the course of this research."

Robert Bittlestone